This is a place for all broken grieving hearts to come, its my safe haven and I share this with all of you to be your safe haven. I am hoping through my journey of grieving as well as my real life experiences through grieving I can help all through their darkest hours, to ease the pain a little less, to maybe just give an ear to listen because sometimes that's all we need.

I am willing to bare all to each and everyone who comes to this blog. I want no one to be shy of anything. I want anyone to ask question's, tell their stories with pride. No one will judge you, or think you are different. We are all here going through the same thing GRIEVING. This is my safe haven, your safe haven. The place to heal, to find your smile again. Through this all I am on a journey to writing a book as well "The Grieving Path To Joy".

Apr 17, 2013

A Widow Redefined

This week I decided to do a guest blog post. Kim Cano just wrote a book and out now called "A Widow Defined", as a widow I decided what better place to post the good news around others with the exact same experience, all those that grieve. Her book coming out is proof many blessings can come from our deepest of pain. Seeing great achievements of others in grief lighten my soul along with my heart. A huge congrats Kim Cano for conquring your dreams and showing us all that grieve that your dreams never leave you. Below is all information and description of her lovely book that you need. Kim was so gracious to gift me a copy and I promise you it is something that you would love as well.


On a cold Valentines's Day in Chicago, Amy White, a young widow who lost her husband to cancer, visits the cemetery and makes an unsettling discovery: a bouquet of fresh daffodils lying in front of her husband's grave.

Curiosity grows into obsession as Amy searches for the stranger who left the flowers, while keeping her activities a secret from her live-in mother and seven-year old son. The search leads to an unusual friendship that transforms her world and redefines her life.


"Not since Lisa See's Snow Flower and the Secret Fan have I read such a complex portrayal of friendship. A Widow Redefined will resonate with anyone who has ever lost a loved one and learned how to live again". ~ Author Deborah Brown

"Inspiring! Destined to become a book club favorite". ~ Alicia Robinson/reader review

To order and check out Kim Cano's book here is the link for you all, also want you all to know it is available in paper back and kindle as well.


  1. Hi Tonya. Thanks so much for featuring my book. It's available at Amazon in both Kindle or paperback format.
    Here's the link to buy:
    If the link doesn't click through, you can copy and paste it into your browser. :)

  2. Your so welcome honor n pleasure actually got link to work in blog post :) all is good thank u so much for yoyr inspiration to all that grieve proofing ur dreams dont leave u


  3. No worries. I do the same. That's why I hired an editor for the actual book. :)

  4. Yea lol good idea im thinkin ill need the same lol :)

  5. I've got a really good one. Let me know if you want his name. He books in advance.

  6. Thats awesime thanks so much will message u and also got some questions if u dont mind


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  8. Your very welcome Kim Cano's book is FAB was a pleasure



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