This is a place for all broken grieving hearts to come, its my safe haven and I share this with all of you to be your safe haven. I am hoping through my journey of grieving as well as my real life experiences through grieving I can help all through their darkest hours, to ease the pain a little less, to maybe just give an ear to listen because sometimes that's all we need.

I am willing to bare all to each and everyone who comes to this blog. I want no one to be shy of anything. I want anyone to ask question's, tell their stories with pride. No one will judge you, or think you are different. We are all here going through the same thing GRIEVING. This is my safe haven, your safe haven. The place to heal, to find your smile again. Through this all I am on a journey to writing a book as well "The Grieving Path To Joy".

Mar 23, 2012

From My Heart to Yours


Twelve years ago I met a man that opened my eyes to everything. He was the man that would change my life forever. Jean-Guy was a man that always seen the best in everything as well as everyone he knew. I didn’t know that one day something so important, so signifigent to me would no longer be there.

The first day our eyes met, I knew he was a very important value to my life. He radiated such love, a brightness that no one could not see. Through our trials also tribulations we created the most beautiful of life, our little girl. True love exists, when it creates life it creates the most purest of love. No one could have been more proud of his little girl as he was, I know he still is.

He believed that I could conquer the world. I’m grateful he has opened my eyes to the beauty as well as importance of my life, he made me a mother, he helped me grow into the lady I am today. I thank him for believing in me, now I see that dreams are ours for the taking, that there is nothing I can’t conquer.

To our little girl of true love, I see her father through her in every step she makes. Through her he shines bright like the sun. She is and always will be OUR BLESSING.

To add to all of this to everyone who reads our loved ones may not be able to be seen but they will always be with us. The legacy they left in us as well as in our hearts will be with us forever. True Love never dies. Something of great momentous and life never dies. They are our treasures, their spirit will forever remain.

He was my best friend, my true love, my husband, my lover, OUR LIFE, we may not see you Jean-Guy but we know you walk with us every day in our life. As well as all your loved ones you lost. BELIEVE.

Note to all: Sometimes we have to put the good memories we made with our loved ones on the back burner for only a little while. When we remember the memories we sometimes remember just how happy we once were and yearn to get them back, that lead to us getting stuck in time. Our loved ones will understand why we put them on hold for just a little while, only until we can remember but remember without wanting that life back. To only remember them as good memories.



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