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I am willing to bare all to each and everyone who comes to this blog. I want no one to be shy of anything. I want anyone to ask question's, tell their stories with pride. No one will judge you, or think you are different. We are all here going through the same thing GRIEVING. This is my safe haven, your safe haven. The place to heal, to find your smile again. Through this all I am on a journey to writing a book as well "The Grieving Path To Joy".

Jun 25, 2012

Kids are true blessings and miracles to us and the world

From the moment I found out that I was expecting my husband already had created a bond before even welcoming her beautiful soul to the world.  My daughter as well already knew his love was powerful as well as greater than the world we live in.  Each night before he would return from work she would start to stir a half hour before in my belly with excitement to hear his voice along with feel his warmth.  A bond that was created within instance was what was created between them, I knew in my heart, with all of my being he would share a love with her that was of the purest, truest kind no one could ever imagine.  This little girl was his pride, she was a part of him, in her was a piece of him.  When true love creates a life it creates the purest, most extraordinary, special of a life.  My daughter like her father had already had in mind to take on his stubbornness, from the very start I could see his qualities in her.  From not being able to be told what sex she was to the very end of not wanting to enter the world, to having to do everything when she was ready, not sooner nor later.  She was already proving to my heart that within her layed so much of her father.  Just before she was born her father had told me he could picture in his mind exactly what she would look like, that she was feeling she wanted to be out of there, in this world to make her grand entrance, mind you she was a tad stubborn doing so, a c-section was done due to her not wanting to make her grand entrance into this world lol. 

My husband already was gleaming of such great honor, his love was shinning bright for this little life that I carried.  Through this post I honestly don't believe I will truly be able to set a picture in your mind of just how special his love was for her.  When I think back to her I notice now that the bond was set from the moment I knew I was carrying her, the love had formed instantly.  I knew already that our bond was there, our special tie was set, motherhood was already flowing through me.  On Monday April 18th 2005 at 11:24 am our beautiful little girl had finally made it to the world.  Her father with no words to be said already knowing by feeling was the proudest of anyone, his love was felt, in his eyes you could see their future, that not ever for a second she would doubt his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, that in this life time she would never doubt his powerful love he carried for her even before being born.  Seeing these two just being in a room together took my breath away, that in this room all to be seen as well as felt was LOVE LIKE NO OTHER.  My daughter was her father, her every look as well as features were a replica of her father.  Now at times I'd joke of how upsetting it was that she had none of my features yet her attitude was all me lol.

Our children all share a huge part in them of our loved ones passed, through them lays a very big piece of them.  Their love is our loved ones passed love, the love that was created due to the love you shared is part of the special love in them.  When I look to my daughter I see my husband passed, I see his love right there in the life we created together.  Our loved ones passed leave a huge part of them with us through our children, as well as with there family.  I always stop to remember on bad days to just embrace my daughter, embrace his family, to love them is to love our loved ones passed.  Deep within our children our loved ones passed are there.  My daughter in every way reminds me that my husband passed walks with us every day that we walk in this life.  In times of such horrific pain, look to them, see in their eyes is where your love lives on.  Embrace your children, hugging them is hugging your loved one passed, loving them bigger than this life is loving your loved ones passed.  It is because of our loved ones passed TRUE LOVE you created such a miraculous of life. 

The sparkle of huge life in my daughters eyes shows me just how loved she is, that in her she was blessed to of been loved with no limits by her father as well as myself.  When I look to her I know that in her heart she feels her father every day, she feels his love touching her heart.  In my heart I know it is the reason why she is pushing through this all so well.  I always make her understand that her father is always with her, that she is a part of him, that he knows of all great things she does, that she will do in this life.  I always make sure in her heart she knows that not for a second that it can be replaced, nor she will ever be able to forgot, she knows that her father will always be remembered, there is no possible way she could forget.  Through her is my way of knowing that his true love remains, that his gift to us was to prove we could love with out limits, that in this life it is the truest of love that conquers it all.  Take notice in the pain to embrace your children, talk to them, walk with them it is in every step you take with your children your loved ones passed walk with you through them, it is the love of life you created they carry on with you.  Our children give us the strength to fight for what we feel in our hearts to be the best possible life that we deserve, that our loved ones passed had blessed us with.

I carry with me every single moment in this life that in times of pain our daughter is the one truest of life that loves me back to the fullest, that loving her back with no limits is what gift I was given from my husband passed.  Her smile, her laugh, her all is what makes me strive for it all, to want it all, that in dreams they become reality.  It is for her father we have created a bond full of bright light that shines brighter than anything in this world.  My husband passed had a bond with our little girl like no other, it was as though there was not anything they could not do, that he was so proud of his little girl he wanted the world to see just what it was he helped to create.  My daughter was taken to all parts of the world lol, I know now why my husband passed wanted to take our daughter every where, it was due to the fact that he was just so proud that he wanted the world to know of the love that he helped create, a love like no other he helped bring into this world.  My daughter looked to her father with such a love, that in her eyes as well as heart she was so blessed, that he was blessed as well.  My husband passed smiled bigger then the sky when he looked to our little girl, he gleamed of such over powering joy.  A true bond of the purest true love that had blessed this world.

I want to add to this even our furry babies in this world have such an affect on us in our times of pain.  I say furry babies meaning animals, that is my nick name for my animal, animals may be animals but to so many they are so much more they to are a part of our family.  In them we find the peace as well as tranquillity our hearts need in great times of despair.  We had bought a cat from Humane Society when he was a baby, his name is Cino, my daughter wanted each as well as every cat in that Humane Society, it was Cino we all finally decided on.  I almost always instantly feel my bad day quickly disappear when my furry baby jumps up to be petted, it is as if they know when to approach you in such perfect timing.  Animals truly do fill your heart, they have a way to take away a bad day instantly, just as our children they encourage our hearts to just love, to let go of pain to just love.  It is through such unsought of, of things our hearts take a mend to.  From the littlest of gestures to the biggest of gestures there is always love waiting to be captured, waiting to be embraced, it is in our hearts we start to understand what it is that love can heal.  In the pain there is always a way to mend it, there is always something that we can do to allow ourselves to feel the pain less.  Our loved ones passed embrace us always through our children, their family even at a special place you both shared together, our loved ones love is everywhere, their love is every where around us.

At night I remember while all of us were in this queen sized bed that seemed so small yet when looking to my husband passed as well as our daughter sleeping I felt that in this little queen size bed I had everything I could of ever needed as well as wanted in this world.  It is in those moments I always remember what feeling it gave to me when feeling my pain coming on.  It is at night I look to our daughter knowing that feeling never ended, that it never went any where although not to be seen my husband passed was still with us, that in this life time I still had everything I could of ever wanted.  Our children will forever carry our loved ones passed true love with them, in their eyes we see the memories, we see our love, it is a bond that we share that no one can take away.  It is our children that give us the strength to want to move forward, to want the best of a life we deserve, it is through them we want our dreams to unfold, it is our loved ones passed that brought to our hearts a love that last forever, that really never goes any where. 

Our daughter is a gift just as her father is as well as was to our life, to our hearts.  Our daughter proves to me that my husband passed has given such a great love that truly will never leave us, our daughter is the one truest of things that always gets me to push through it all, she is the one that has shown that hope never leaves us, that dreams are really there for us to take, that in trying times of pain it is our love that will make it all gently evaporate into the air.  My husband passed lives on through her, it is in her eyes I see him with us.  Our children will be forever reminders to us that our loved ones passed really never did leave their love still remains, that in them is a piece of our loved ones passed. 

Our loved ones passed leave a part of them behind through their family, through the children we created together.  Don't lose sight in the fact that even though we can't see them it means they are gone, even though we can't see them they will, they always will be all around us.  Through love, through hope, through dreams coming true.  Our children are a huge gift, just as our loved ones passed were to our life, it is a love with no limits, it is that love that proves to our soul that we can love with no limits.  True love is love that is forever, our children is a love we understand that is unconditional, it is taking that love realising a piece of that is our loved ones passed.  In times of pain embrace your children, embrace your loved ones passed family, hug your furry babies to see that the pain instantly gets replaced with love like no other.

NOTE TO ALL :  Our children forever carry our loved ones passed with them, it is because of our truest of love they were created.  Our loved ones passed not only gifted us with true love, they gifted us with a life, a life that will forever hold their true love, a life that will forever hold a piece of them.  Our loved ones passed forever remain around us, when you feel you are missing them take notice in your children to understand they are right there with you.  My daughter is forever my bright light in all of my darkest hours, it is where we find the power to make it through.  Our loved ones passed still gift us with their love through it all.  Dreams are all around us, hope is what we know is where the dreams begin, our loved ones passed love is where we see our dreams come true.  Our children are our forever love to our hearts as well as life.

A MEMORY:  It is a time that I often remember that touches my heart strongly, it was a moment while staying in the hospital after my daughter was born.  My husband passed sat and rocked our beautiful little girl to able me to sleep after being up for two days, he held her with such love, he rocked with her for four hours.  It was getting up in the early morning finding them both fast asleep as I looked out to see the sunrise, I glanced back and forth from them to the sunset to realise the love that was right there in my life was as bright as the sunrise, that in the sunrise I will forever remember that moment in time.



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